The Best of Pat McManus: A Farewell to Nampa
Nampa Civic Center
Dec. 1st 2017

The Best of Pat McManus: A Farewell to Nampa written by Patrick F. McManus AND Tim Behrens, starring Tim.

The first of the last of the McManus series happens right here at the Nampa Civic Center. Tim Behrens is going on a farewell tour and it all starts December 1st at 7:30pm.
To celebrate more than 20 years of touring, to acknowledge the long and faithful support of McManus fans everywhere, and to honor the years of laughter, Pat and Tim developed this farewell show. The Best of Pat McManus: A Farewell to Nampa not only highlights favorite McManus stories and characters, but shares some of the back stories behind the comedies.

In addition, Tim recounts some of the most hilarious, frightening and bizarre misadventures that occurred across more than ½ million miles of touring! And that’s just when Pat was driving! Tim shares how the shows came to be, offers bulletins from backstage and recounts misadventures on the road from Provo to Providence, from Fort St. John to Austin.

Often, people conclude that the entertainment business means glamour and riches. Tim’s stories correct that notion!

The show guarantees bouts of irrepressible laughter as Tim once again portrays more than 12 McManus characters and a couple of his own!

The show will feature some of Pat and Tim’s favorite McManus stories interrupted, interspersed, and intertwined with Tales from Road by Tim, a comical behind-the-scenes look at 25 years of touring.
There well even be a Q&A with the audience after the show and perhaps even a short test just to make sure everyone has paid attention!

For a more intimate setting, this show is located at round tables in the Nampa Civic Center’s beautiful banquet rooms. Come for a fun night out with your significant other or bring your friends and buy a whole table. Group discounts available.

If you love the McManus Comedies, don’t miss this show – it’s your last chance to see them at the Nampa Civic Center!


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