Top 10 FAQs

Cancelled Events

If you purchased your tickets via ICtickets with a debit/credit card, then your card will automatically be refunded.

If you paid in cash you may request a refund from ICtickets. Refunds for cash purchases will be made by check.


  1. Photocopy your ticket(s) and keep a copy for your records.
  2. Mail the original ticket(s) to: ICtickets, 16114 Idaho Center Blvd Ste 1, Nampa, ID 83687
  3. Also include your name and address where the check should be mailed. You should receive your check within 2 weeks.

Refunds will only be made to the original ticket purchaser. If you purchased your tickets via a third party you must obtain your refund from them.


First Amendment


This policy is being implemented by the City of Nampa, doing business as the Ford Idaho Center, in an effort to comply with the preliminary injunction ordered by the United States District Court for the District of Idaho, in the case of Citizens to Repeal Idaho's Right to Work Law, Inc. v. Nampa Urban Renewal Agency, case no. CIV 04-174-S-BLW (the "Order"). The implementation of this policy is not meant to concede that the parking lots, walkways, and grounds of the Ford Idaho Center are public fora. This policy seeks to apply reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions to petitioning, free speech, and other forms of expression under the First Amendment, as provided for by the Order. All persons engaged in First Amendment activities on the Ford Idaho Center grounds are compelled to comply with the policies.

The Ford Idaho Center is a city-owned entity, leased to a private operator, who has the rights to create policy in regards to all items related to the venue & its operation. Reasonable polices are hereunder applied to 1st Amendment Rights on the privately operated Ford Idaho Center property.

Permitted Gathering Locations

There are three locations permitted for gathering, they are located in high traffic thoroughfares around the facility.

                Location 1A-1: Used for Ford Horse Park events

                Location 1A-2: Used for Ford Arena & Ford Amphitheater events

                Location 1A-3: Used for Ford Horse Park & Ford Sports Center events

These three locations were selected due to their proximity to the venues, visibility by event attendees, flat ground, and safely out of the way of vehicle traffic. Each location will be set with bike rack in order to create a safe perimeter & to designate the gathering location. See attached map for gathering locations.


Usage of Gathering Locations


The usage of the gathering locations is to be scheduled through Ford Idaho Center management. Please contact (208) 468-1000 a minimum two weeks in advance in order to arrange for the gathering location to be constructed. Please understand that last minute requests will compromise the integrity of the gathering location and will cause delays in the setup.


General Policies

  • Individuals exercising 1st Amendment rights are not allowed within the leased and/or non-public areas of the venue without express permission from Ford Idaho Center management or Lessee.
  • Leafletting and/or papering vehicles is not permitted.
  • The City of Nampa and the Ford Idaho Center will not unreasonably withhold the usage of the gathering locations.
  • Gatherer in the designated locations will not behave in a manner detrimental to the venue, lessee, event attendees, employees, or any other parties associated with each respective event.
  • Adherence to all the policies is required in order to keep a safe & fair place to gather.
  • In the event the listed policies and procedures are not maintained, the Ford Idaho Center reserves the right to evict the offending party, based on Nampa City Code.
  • Unannounced assemblies are subject to being trespassed.


How do I get the best available seats?

When purchasing tickets online, in person, or by phone, all seats are selected from best available for the chosen price level at the time of purchase. In order to increase your chances for seats that are in high demand, it is best to purchase tickets when they first go on sale.


Lost or Stolen Tickets

If your ticket is lost or stolen, please contact ICtickets immediately. ICtickets will work with you to ensure you can still enjoy the show. ICtickets may require a copy of the police report in the case of stolen tickets.


Postponed Events

Events are occasionally postponed as necessitated at the discretion of the artist, promoter or event management. In the case of an event postponement ticket holders will be notified of the rescheduled date details as soon as possible by email. If you are unable to attend the new event date please see the refund instructions listed under Cancelled Events. Note: Refund requests must be received prior to the date that specifically is detailed in the postponement announcement for refunds. Refunds will not be given after the rescheduled date has passed. Please make sure you have whitelisted or placed into your contact list to make sure that you receive important communication from ICtickets.



Promotions and Contest Terms

Dates and times of promotions, giveaways, and contests will vary and are subject to rules and regulations set forth by ICtickets and others. Tickets, promotion items, giveaways, and contest prizes are subject to availability and cannot be exchanged or refunded. ICtickets reserves the right to change rules and regulations, which will become effective upon announcement.

Employees of ICtickets, sponsors, partners, and event promoters are not eligible to participate in ICtickets contests. All who participate must be 18 years of age or older and upon participation, agree to be bound by all rules, policies, and regulations.

By participating in ICtickets promotions, giveaways, and contests, participants agree to have his/her voice or likeness used in advertising or broadcasting related to ICtickets promotions, giveaways, and contests without any compensation or rights to royalties for such use.

ICtickets contest winners may be required to sign a release form prior to receiving any prize. ICtickets promotions, giveaways, and contest participants and winners agree to hold ICtickets, its partners and sponsors, and event promoters harmless from and against any and all claims or liability arising directly or indirectly from the promotion, giveaway or contest.

If a promotion happens after a purchase ICtickets cannot refund the tickets that were previously purchased.

Pricing and Availability

ICtickets sells tickets on behalf of artists, promoters and event management and does not set the ticket prices or determine the seating locations. Tickets are generally sold through several distribution points, including online, phone sales, and the venue box office (as available). All distribution points access the same ticketing system and inventory resulting in popular events selling out quickly.

Artists, promoters and event management also reserves the right to set aside a limited number of seats for fan club or other club sales.

ICtickets does not reserve a specific amount of tickets for distribution channels, so the odds of getting tickets are the same no matter which method you choose to purchase tickets.

Refunds and Exchanges

Before completing your ticket purchase, carefully review your event and seat selection. Policies set forth by ICtickets prohibit refunds or exchanges after a ticket has been purchased, lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed.


Time Limits for Purchasing Online

During the online ticket purchase process, the seats you are holding are not available for purchase by anyone else until you release them. However, due to demand, there is a time limit during the checkout process. When this time limit is exceeded, the tickets are automatically released giving every customer an opportunity to purchase tickets.


What are ticket purchase limits?

Ticket limits vary depending on the event and are determined by the artist, promoter, or event management. These limits are in place to provide ticket access to as many fans as possible and discourage unfair ticket buying practices. Ticket limits are verified with all purchases and those exceeding the stated limit may be cancelled without notice.


Why Ticket Availability Changes

Tickets may become available due to the cancellation of incomplete orders or orders in which the total number of tickets exceed the established ticket limit. Tickets may also become available without notice as inventory previously on hold at the discretion of the artist, promoter or event management is released for sale.


Why Tickets Sell Out

Some events are very popular and when tickets go on sale there can be hundreds or thousands of people trying to purchase tickets. Tickets can sell out in a matter of minutes. You can stay informed of new events, on sale dates and pre-sale information by frequently visiting and/or signing up for the ICtickets Insider).


Other FAQs


1) Online @

2) ICtickets Box Office

Ticket Office Hours
Monday - Friday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Saturday - Closed
Sunday - Closed

3) By Phone

Phone Center Hours
Monday – Friday 10:00am to 8:00pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday - Closed

Convenience Fee Applies: $1 per ticket and $3.50 per phone order


Print at Home Tickets

What is Print at Home Tickets?
Print at Home Tickets is the ability to print your tickets at home or work. When you select Print at Home as the delivery method, your tickets will be sent to you via email. Your confirmation email will arrive shortly after your order is complete. You will receive 2 emails. One email with your confirmation and one email containing your ticket download for printing your tickets. Bring your printed tickets to the event for admission. Be sure to whitelist or add to your contact list to ensure proper routing of email communication from ICtickets.

By using Print at Home Tickets you will avoid waiting in will call lines or waiting for your tickets to arrive by mail.

You will need access to a printer (ink-jet or laser) that has a resolution of 300 dpi or greater (black and white or color) and your 8.5 x 11 paper.

What if more than one copy of the ticket is printed or a photocopy is made?
Only the first ticket that is scanned is valid. If more than one copy is presented, the scanner will let the ticket taker know that the barcode has already been read.

What if I am not able to print the tickets?
Check your hardware configuration. If you cannot print, please contact ICtickets via email at, or by phone 208.442.3232 to make alternate delivery arrangements.

What if the email does not arrive?
If you have not received your confirmation email within 24 hours please contact ICtickets at


Payment Methods accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. During your purchase, you will be required to accept all terms and conditions before completing your transaction. Orders are processed only after the name and billing address of the cardholder has been verified. ICtickets will only mail tickets to the name and billing address of the cardholder. No other names or addresses may be used.

If you encounter an authorization error please do not attempt to authorize your transaction again. Subsequent attempts for credit card authorization may result in your credit card issuer holding funds for pending authorizations. ICtickets is not able to release pending authorizations, only your credit card issuer can do this, according to their individual policies.

Customers must bring the credit card used to purchase their tickets and a valid photo ID. The person picking up the tickets must be the owner of the credit card.

ICtickets will not mail to Post Office Boxes unless the Post Office Box is the confirmed billing address of the credit card holder.

There are No Refunds or Exchanges. All purchases are final once the transaction is complete. No checks are accepted.

All orders are subject to credit card approval and billing address verification. ICtickets only ships tickets to the billing address. Duplicate orders that exceed the ticket limit will be cancelled without notice. This includes duplicate orders having the same name, billing address, credit card or any other identifying feature.


Please refer to our Privacy Statement for questions regarding your privacy.


What are Platinum Seats?

Platinum Seats are premium tickets to concerts and other events made available by artists and event providers. They give fans fair and safe access to some of the best seats in the house.

Are Platinum Seats resale tickets?
No. Platinum Seats were not purchased initially and then posted for resale; they are being sold for the first time. Platinum Seats enables market-based pricing (adjusting prices according to supply and demand) for live event tickets, similar to how airline tickets and hotel rooms are sold. The goal is to give the most passionate fans fair and safe access to the best tickets, while enabling artists and other people involved in staging live events to price tickets closer to their true value.

What is the current price per ticket?
The price you pay is the original price of the ticket. Platinum Seats were not purchased initially and then posted for resale; they are being sold for the first time on the Ford Idaho Center's ticket sales site on behalf of the artist or event provider. Note that prices can increase or decrease at any time and there are no exchanges or adjustments for previously purchased tickets.

Where can I buy Platinum Seats?
Platinum Seats are currently available only online through