American Graffiti
Nampa Civic Center
Nov. 23rd 2019

Attention lovers of the movie American Graffiti! See those popular songs performed live as Scorpion Entertainment presents Lance Lipinsky’s Tribute to American Graffiti – 46 years later. Hear nostalgic songs like Rock Around the Clock, Why Do Fools Fall in Love, She’s So Fine and more. Tier 1 tickets come with a special backstage meet and greet with the artist before the performance.

Lance Lipinsky is best known for his Jerry Lee Lewis style tribute which causes the audience to feel as though Jerry Lee himself had been reincarnated on stage. You may remember him from his 2018 per-formance in Rock Baby Rock in Nampa Civic Center Theater.
Lance grew up in the picturesque hills of Wimberley, Texas, a community full of artists, just 1 hour from Austin, the live music capitol of the world. His P.E. coach taught him his first song on guitar at age 11, "Heartbreak Hotel" by Elvis. Influenced by Buddy Holly and the surf group the Ventures, by 15 he was already a gifted guitarist and was inspired to learn piano by being a fan of the classic rock band the Doors. A self-taught musician, he discovered Jerry Lee Lewis and piano eventually became his main instrument and a fateful move to Las Vegas at a mere age 17, led Lance to become one of the world's favorite tributes to the legendary Jerry Lee Lewis and now he has toured Canada, Europe, Aus-tralia, Japan and more.
Watching Lipinsky brings fire and brimstone to the forefront and reminds the audience of an era where music changed history. At his concert, you can both hear a Jerry Lee piano style and see an Elvis inspired swagger. With many tribute artists, audience members leave either saying things like "he really sounded like so and so" or "he was off on his take of so and so." With Lipinsky, audiences are wondering and wanting to know "Jerry Lee Lewis or no, who is that guy?"
"I was born way too late," says Lipinsky, "Although I appreciate the time I'm living in and love all types of music, I am a constant student of the 1950s."

  • Saturday, Nov 23rd at 7:30pm Buy Tickets